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File Formats

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File Formats and Resolution

It is very important that we receive your file in the proper format for printing. Please follow these instructions exactly. If you have any questions please contact us.  Photoshop, formatting, editing, and other digital services also are available. For these services please see our Pricing Page.

We will accept your digital files on CD ROM, DVD ROM, Jump Drive, Compact Flash Card, Hard Disk Drive, or you may upload your files using our File Upload Page.


We would be happy to help you optimize your images for printing if you need us too. Otherwise your images should be ready to print.

Your file should be in either TIFF (.tif) or Photoshop (.psd) format. JPEG (.jpg) files usually do not produce the best results for large prints, but we are happy to take a look at your JPEG files and let you know how well they will print.

If you need to obtain digital files of your original art works, we can make a referral to a high-resolution scanning service. They can even scan framed art and art behind glass. Just let us know if you'd like a referral.


Images should be sized for your intended output and should have a resolution of 240-360 pixels-per-inch (ppi). 360 ppi is the ideal. Just let us know if you need help with sizing your image files.


Prints are shipped untrimmed and may have a white unprinted border. This is dependent on the print size and the roll paper size. For example, a 16x20 inch print would most likely be printed on a 24 inch wide roll. This would result in a 2 inch border on each end of the long dimension and 1-2 inches in the width.  A 24 inch wide print ordered without white unprinted borders would be printed on this same roll resulting in a print with no border in one dimension and a 1-2 inch border in the other.  A 24 inch print ordered with a request for a 2 inch border would need to be printed on the next widest roll and therefore would be priced at the 28 inch print price. If you have questions please contact us.


Files should be in an RGB color space (not CMYK) such as sRGB or Adobe RGB 1998. This includes image files for black and white prints. The Adobe RGB 1998 color space is ideal as it most closely approximates the color gamut of our large format printer and is a wider color gamut than sRGB. ProPhoto RGB is also acceptable, but you should be aware that it is such a large color space that it may contain colors we can't print.

Color matching: Your image file should have an embedded ICC profile as described in the step above. If you are not using hardware calibrated monitors and a color managed work-flow, we cannot necessarily match prints to your computer or monitor even if your file has an appropriate ICC profile. If you would like to know more about color management, please see the books we have recommended in our Amazon Store.

Digital Cameras

We get a lot of questions about printing large images from digital cameras. Usually the question is "How big can I enlarge my image and maintain photographic quality?" There is no exact answer. In our experience (and with a fair amount of interpolation) the following are good guidelines:


2 Mega Pixels = 5x7

3 Mega Pixels = 6x9

4 Mega Pixels = 8x10

5 Mega Pixels = 11x14

6 Mega Pixels = 16x20

8-12 Mega Pixels = 20x30

> 12 Mega Pixels = 40x60


If your digital capture is of exceptional sharpness even larger prints may be possible. We would be happy to look at your file free of charge and give an opinion as to how large we think it will print. Just contact us with your questions.

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